Located in the Sofia Province on the northern slopes of Rila at an elevation of 1350 m, Borovets (formerly known as Chamkoria) is a prominent Bulgarian mountain resort. Borovets is around 70 kilometers from Sofia and about 110 kilometers from Plovdiv.

Borovets has been a popular winter destination since its inception in 1896, making it the country’s pioneering ski town. At the close of the nineteenth century, Borovets was founded as a hunting lodge for the Bulgarian royal family. The town of Borovets, Bulgaria, has evolved into a sophisticated ski resort over the years, complete with lodging, dining, and a comprehensive system of ski lines and lifts over the Rila Mountain range. Both the Alpine Skiing and the Biathlon World Cups were held in this resort (1981 and 1984, respectively), and the resort’s Biathlon course is considered to be among the greatest in the world.